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"unparalleled combination of secular and religious influence entitles Muhammad to be considered the most influential single figure in human history"
Michael Hart (In his book"The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History")

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

A Quick Introduction To Islam

The word "Islam" is an Arabic word which means "submission to the will of God". This word comes from the same root as the Arabic word "salam", which means "peace". As such, the religion of Islam teaches that in order to achieve true peace of mind and surety of heart, one must submit to God and live according to His Divinely revealed Law. The most important truth that God revealed to mankind is that there is nothing divine or worthy of being worshipped except for Almighty God, thus all human beings should submit to Him. continue

Women In Islam: Beyond the Stereotypes
What comes to your mind when you think of a Muslim woman? A mysterious, veiled victim of male oppression, awaiting Western liberation? A slogan-shouting terrorist? An uneducated foreigner with whom you have little or nothing in common? Unless your social circle includes Muslim friends and acquaintances, the chances are that your impressions of Muslim women have largely been formed by negative media stereotypes - images that usually have little to do with real life, and may have been designed to attract more viewers, sell more products, or gain support for someone's political agenda.  continue
The Amazing Quran

Calling the Qur'an amazing is not something done only by Muslims, who have an appreciation for the book and who are pleased with it; it has been labeled amazing by non-Muslims as well. In fact, even people who hate Islam very much have still called it amazing. continue

What does Islam say about terrorism?

Unfortunately more and more often, Islam has been associated with terrorism and violence due to the actions of a few extreme individuals who’ve taken it upon themselves to do the most heinous crimes in the name of Islam. continue

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 Letter to Islamway

Assalum Alaikum,

Thanks for the web site's in your last message,
I have a new e mail address, as you can see, hope things are going well for you Insha Allah,

I have started the arabic lessons,  it is as difficult as I thought it would be,
although this does not worry me, Allah led me to islam and he will guide me through every stange of my quest for knowledge, Insha Allah
the arabic course is offered by an islamic organisation and there is also a bookstore,library and mosque, I keep in touch with my brothers from the original mosque I went to, but pray at the new one where I have also been made to feel totally at home, I now pray in the mosque as often as possible, as this helps me immensely,..... and after years of trying and failing I have stopped smoking, Alhamdulillah.

My life is now so full and meaningfull and I truly believe, someone said to me just yesterday, how do you know for sure? I thought about it and said how do you know how to breathe in and out.
for me it is so clear so true that is impossible to put into words, but as you also know, it is not nessecary,....for as as we think a thought it is allready known to Allah, Allahu akbar.

will keep in touch
your brother

- Recieved from Yusuf Bland

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